Cycling Books for sale

We have a number of books for sale which were donated at the BBQ.  Just send an email to Dave Hearn  if there
are any you would like.

1 Memories of the Peloton Bernard Hinault £5.00 HB, Autobiography, Good
2 Le Tour de France Serge Laget £25.00 HB, Boxed, Complete History of the Tour de France, Good
3 History of the Tour de France Marguerite Lazell £5.00 HB, Good Condition
4 Inside the Tour de France David Walsh £5.00 HB, Good Condition
5 Kings of the Road Robin Magowan £2.00 SB, Good Condition
6 Bicycle Mechanics Steve Snowling £2.00 SB, Good Condition
7 Cycling in the UK (Touring) Sustrans £5.00 Introduction to the National Cycleway
8 Le Tour Jeremy Whittle £3.00 SB, Good Condition
9 Tour de France Margueritte Lazell £5.00 HB, Good Condition
10 Tour de France 2019 Official Race Guide £5.00 SB, Boxed
11 Blazing Saddles (Tour de France) Matt Rendall £5.00 HB, Good Condition
12 A History of Portable Bikes John Pinkerton £2.00 HB, Good Condition
13 The Inside Track Jason & Laura Kenny £5.00 HB, Good Condition
14 Lance Armstrong (Tour de Force) Daniel Coyle £5.00 HB, Good Condition
15 Fallen Angel (Fausto Coppi) William Fotheringham £3.00 HB, Fair Condition
16 Sex, Lies & Handlebar Tape Paul Howard £5.00 HB, Good Condition
17 Cycle Touring in Britain & Europe Peter Knottley £2.00 HB, Fair Condition
18 Sky’s the Limit Richard Moore £5.00 HB, Good Condition
19 On the Road Ned Boulting £5.00 HB, Good Condition
20 A Race for Madmen Chris Sidwell £5.00 HB, Good Condition
21 The Tour According to G Geraint Thomas £5.00 HB, Good Condition
22 Tour de France Graeme Fife £5.00 HB, Good Condition
23 Cycling According to G Geraint Thomas £5.00 HB, Good Condition (2 copies)
24 My Time Bradley Wiggins £5.00 HB, Good Condition
25 The Secret Race Tyler Hamilton £5.00 HB, Good Condition
26 The Climb Chris Froome £5.00 HB, Good Condition
27 Reg Harris Robert Dineen £5.00 HB, Good Condition
28 CTC Book of Cycling John Whatmore £5.00 HB, Good Condition
29 Round the World on a Wheel John Foster Fraser £2.00 SB, Average Condition
30 Flying Scotsman Graeme Obree £2.00 SB, Good Condition
31 Eddy Merckx Daniel Friebe £2.00 SB, Fair Condition
32 Cycling According to G Geraint Thomas £2.00 SB, Fair Condition
33 Performance Programme Lance Armstrong £2.00 SB, Fair Condition
34 The CTC Route Guide Gausden & Crane £2.00 HB, Fair Condition (2 copies)
35 Obsessive Compulsive Dave Barter £2.00 SB, Good Condition
36 Britain by Bike (Claire Balding) Jane Eastoe £5.00 HB, Good Condition
37 Bike & Hike J, Sydney Jones £2.00 SB, Fair Condition
38 Every Inch of the Way Tom Bruce £2.00 SB, Good Condition (my bike ride around the world)
39 How I Won the Yellow Jumper Ned Boulting £2.00 SB, Good Condition
40 Fellowship News A collection £5.00 SB, 19 Periodicals, Good Condition
41 Greatest Bike Rides of the World Sarah Woods £2.00 SB, Good Condition
42 Sky’s the Limit Richard Moore £2.00 SB, Good Condition
43 Best Bicycle Tours Bicycling £1.00 SB, Fair Condition (Tours in North America)
44 When Bikehhood was in Flower Irving Leonard £2.00 SB, Good Condition
45 Cycling On Ray Hallett £1.00 SB, Good Condition (2 copies)
46 Cycling in and Around London CTC (1981) £1.00 SB, Good Condition
47 Bicycle Frames Joe Kossack £1.00 SB, Good Condition (USA)
48 Roule Brittania William Fotheringham £5.00 HB, Good Condition
49 Bicycle Helen Pidd £2.00 SB, Good Condition
50 Richards New Bicycle Book Richard Ballantine £2.00 SB, Fair Condition
51 My Time Bradley Wiggins £2.00 SB, Good Condition
52 French Revolutions Tim Moore £2.00 SB, Fair Condition
53 Boy Racer Mark Cavendish £2.00 SB, Good Condition
54 On My Own Two Wheels Malachi O’Doherty £2.00 SB, Good Condition
55 Slaying the Badger Richard Moore £2.00 SB, Good Condition (Bernard Hinault & Greg Lemond)
56 The Climb Chris Froome £2.00 SB, Good Condition