Cycling Threshold Clinic

A message from Darren Richardson:

I am writing to invite your members to an upcoming “Cycling Threshold Clinics”, hosted by Coventry University’s Future Health team who specialise in Sport and Exercise Science Support.

The purpose of the clinic is to run assessments to determine participants’ cycling threshold power, and to provide feedback via a laboratory report. Participants are invited to attend the laboratory on 1-4 occasions, with confidence in the accuracy of their results improving with each additional visit. The laboratory feedback report will detail your results and prescribe training zones anchored to your personal results.

Participants will have the option of taking part in assessments to determine either their Functional Threshold Power (FTP; single visit), or Critical Power (CP; at least 2 visits). These two thresholds should be approximately the same, but CP is the gold standard assessment as it is more consistently related to the underlying metabolism, while FTP approximates CP with varying degrees of accuracy. FTP has the benefit of being measureable from a single laboratory visit, but those who attend the laboratory at least a second time will receive feedback on their CP and W’ (the size of their energy reserve above CP), and can enjoy greater confidence in their results. The testing process is summarised in the below image.

These assessments are advertised to cost as much as £100 when provided by private companies. We are able to offer comprehensive Threshold assessments for just £3 per visit, due to the clinic format hosted in our large Human Performance Laboratory, as well as the value of experience offered to the MSc students involved with this event.

The clinic dates are as follows. Participants may attend as many or as few dates (up to 4 visits) as they wish.

28th October 4pm-7pm

29th October 4pm-7pm

1st November 4pm-7pm

4th November 4pm-7pm

5th November 4pm-7pm

8th November 4pm-7pm

Anyone wishing to attend should contact us on to book a time slot for their visit(s).

Although not essential, the feedback and training zone prescription can be supplemented by undertaking a lactate threshold and VO2max assessment, which we are able to offer separately on a case-by-case basis.

The benefits of the above procedures to your club and its members are self-explanatory.

We would be happy to post this information to your club’s Facebook page (if you have one) with your permission, or we are equally happy for you to pass this message on to your members in any way you see fit.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you

If you have any questions about these clinics please feel free to ask me

Kind regards