On Your Bike and Vote!

On Thursday, 6 May there are elections for West Midlands Combined Authority mayor.

Cycle campaigners have been busy contacting candidates, asking them to “sign up” to a pledge for an active travel revolution.  What the candidates were asked and their responses are here.

There’s interviews of the main candidates on their attitude to cycling as well.

If you like what a candidate says, please tell them so by email or Twitter.  The Birmingham Cycling Campaign (Pushbikes) have listed the email addresses and twitter accounts at the end of this blog post

Coventry City Council, Solihull Borough Council and Warwickshire County Council are holding elections too, so if you might want to contact candidates there as well.  Link to the answers that candidates for Warwickshire County Council gave to cycle campaigners.

Note district councils don’t have control of highways.

One thought on “On Your Bike and Vote!”

  1. Many thanks for posting this George. We will soon know the outcome. Then we can push the successful candidates to deliver on their promises !!

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