Club Team

With the Covid situation this page is out-of-date and is here just for continuity in the contents of the website. It will be updated after the 2022 AGM

2019 / 20 Club Team

RoleCurrent PostholderRole Definition
PresidentGordon Mead
ChairmanBob Tinley
SecretaryVicky PalethorpeConvene General Meetings in accordance with these regulations;
Call a special meeting of the Group Committeeupon receipt of a requisition signed by at least one third of its members;
Prepare minutes of all Committee meetings and AGMs;
Present the Annual Report to the AGM, and to forward a copy to National Office by the beginning of December each year;
Ensure that the Group Treasurer has submitted the audited Annual Statement of Accounts (which shall include accounts of other Member Groups where applicable) to Cycling UK National Office by the beginning of December each year;
Ensure that all Committee members, ride leaders, event organisers and any other volunteers,are registered as such with Cycling UK National Office;and that a Self-declaration Form for those working with young people and vulnerable adults is submitted as appropriate;
Ensure that all Member Group officers are aware of and abide by Cycling UK national policies as applicable to Member Groups –an index of these policies is at the end of this document;
Ensure that all Member Group rides and events comply with the requirements of Cycling UK’s policies –an index of these policies is at the end of this document.
Liaise withCycling UK National Office as appropriate and act as a point of contact between Cycling UK National Office and the Group;
Act as a point of contact between the Group and representatives of any Informal Member Groups connected to the main Group;
Act as a point of contact for Cycling UK members on the Cycling UK website and in ‘Cycle’ magazine
TreasurerKeith JeacockHold and account for the monies collected in the name of the Group;
Prepare the Annual Statement of Accounts for audit and presentation to the AGM of the Group. The Statement shall include:
a list of Group assets with current values;
and summaries of the accounts of any Groups who have opted to share accounting procedure
Complete an annual Subscription Allocation Claim and submit it to the Finance Manager at Cycling UK National Office;
Submit a claim for Special Allocation Funding if required by the Group.
Clubroom OrganiserDave Hearn
Promotions OfficerAlan Jelley
To comply with the Objects of Cycling UK Groups, in as much as each Group must have the capacity to promote Cycling UK and the activities of the Member Group;
To initiate promotional activities. These might include: press, publications, websites and attendance at local and national events
Welfare OfficerMike Thomas
To be accessible to members to help them in addressing issues such as complaints against individuals; the protection of vulnerable adults and children; andissues of discrimination;
To monitor compliance with policies related to this area, such as Cycling UK’s Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy and Cycling UK’s Young Person’s Participation Policy. Welfare Officers should familiarise themselves with Cycling UK’s Complaints, Disputes and Disciplinary Procedures in the event of any disputes;
It is recommended that the Welfare Officer role is not fulfilled by the Secretary
Registration OfficerGeorge RichesThe Registration Officer receives details of Cycling UK members who -
- Live within certain postcode areas selected by the Member Group;
- Those full Cycling UK members who have chosen to be listed with that Group.
The Registration Officer must adhere to the Cycling UK Data Protection Policy on handling and using Cycling UK membership information. The information within the membership lists is to be used for the purpose of marketing Cycling UK events and related information only
WebmasterAlan Jelley
Committee MemberPip Milton
Committee MemberPeter Seaman
AuditorRobert PerkinsThe Club and the subsidiary companies are limited companies subject to the provisions of the Companies Acts and their accounts have to be audited by professional accountants.
Strictly,they should also go through all the accounts of the Member Groups but this is impracticable. The official accounts are notes to say that the auditors have accepted the Member Group’s figures. The Club does therefore rely on its voluntary auditors to pick up any issues in the Group accounts.
In carrying out an audit, the local auditor should normally carry out the following:
Check all additions in the account books and accounts.
Check cash book with bank statements (subject to adjustment for any unpresented cheques).
See that the account book balance agrees with the balance shown in the accounts (including any cash in hand).
Inspect receipts for payments by cash or cheque.
Check with Group programme to see that accounts reflect profit or loss on each event held.
Inspect records of any official other than the Treasurer who has held funds during the year.
Inspect investment certificates, passbooks etc (loans to National Office will be checked automatically when the accounts are sent in).
Check lists of assets (compare with previous year), payments in advance, and creditors
Centenary sub-committee Paul Morton
Weekly Bulletin EditorBob Tinley
Runs administration and IT managementGeorge Riches
Ride LeadersAs identified and registered by the Club Committee.
See Table below.
Event OrganisersAs required and as appointed by the Club Committee