Introduction to CTC Coventry

Whether you are …

      • new to cycling,
      • wanting to go a bit further,
      • interested in trying riding in a sociable group,
      • or have just moved into the area

…then hopefully CTC Coventry have something to offer you.

Who we are

We are a group of friendly, experienced volunteer cyclists who come together to organise a variety of group rides in and around Coventry and the nearby Warwickshire countryside.

We are part of the national Cycling UK organisation and operate to the standards and guidelines they set. All our rides are lead by registered Ride Leaders.

What we do

Day Rides

As a club we offer a range of group rides in the ‘middle range’ of recreational cycling – we are not equiped to teach cycling and we do not do the sort of speeds that a road racing club would – however within those extremities  we offer a wide range of group riding opportunities and experiences from 5 miles to 100 miles !

      • New Rider Introductory rides, and Improver rides
      • Sunday Rides – normally three options – Short, Intermediate and Long routes, over a range of distances and speeds in the beautiful and varied local countryside
      • Tuesday Social rides
      • Offoad / MTB rides in parks and trail centres
      • Winter Stamina-building rides.

Le Col de Galibier


And for the full-immersive experience we have a yearly programme of UK-based and International tours to suit a wide range of abilities and interests.



Womens Group Riding

Of particular note is the very active and welcoming ‘Womens Group’ which is a huge success factor in increasing womens participation in the club activities.


Social & Campaigning

Alongside our on-the-bike activities we also have a thriving set of Social activities, and participate in Campaigning on cycling issues in the area.



We do try to do everything in a relaxed, sociable and fun way, but do make sure that we are well organised to make it both enjoyable and safe for you.

We try to be open to the aspirations of all cyclists, and are willing to adapt and be flexible in meeting peoples needs…and to help them grow and improve their abilities on the bike. 


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What next ?  … If you are new to cycling then maybe take a look at our ‘Getting into Cycling‘ section, otherwise please go to the ‘Home page‘ to explore in detail what we have to offer you


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