Sample Offroad Rides

This is a collection of Offroad Routes that we can used to ‘seed’ the development of a programme of Rides, potentially for the longer summer evenings, in 2021.


Description & Distance Start / End Mid-Ride Stop Route map Owner
Hellidon Byeways Figure of Eight

13 miles = 8  miles offroad + 5 miles onroad

Parking layby at Marston Doles where the Welsh Road between Southam and Priors Marston cross over the Oxford Canal Divert off the main route in Hellidon to visit the Red Lion pub


Alan Jelley
Grandborough Byeways

16 miles = 7 miles offroad + 9 miles on road

Paring layby at Shuckburgh where the Willoughby Rod crosses the Grand Union Canal Stop at the Shoulder of Mutton pub in Granborough Alan Jelley


A Collection of Routes from Bob Tinley

We used to hold an annual roughstuff ride to remember Geoff Collins, a one time secretary of the section.  I have managed to dig out some of the routes we used (some of them don’t look too inspiring now, but never mind). So here they are, plus a couple of others.


1993 GC CoombeAbbey-Stretton   

1994 GC Eathorpe-Staverton     

1995 GC Kenilworth-BishopsItchington

1996 GC Pailton-Wistow         

1997 GC Brinklow-ClaybrookeMagna

1998 GC Lapworth-Bearley       

1999 GC Baginton-Harbury       

2000 GC Wappenbury-EathorpeHotel

2003 GC CoombeAbbey-Yelvertoft 

2005 GC Wellesbourne-Honnington