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NEW RIDER ?          the next Introductory Ride for New Riders is arranged for SUNDAY 19th JUNE. Contact our New Rider Co-ordinator for details of how to get a place .

We realise that there are lots of cycling clubs out there – and each one has got something different to offer you … and that’s great because no one club can match the needs of all cyclists. In this page we can point you at ‘Who we are & What we do’ so you can we can introduce ourselves and you can judge if our offering matches your needs – both now and as you grow and develop as a rider.

If we do seem to offer what you want then take a look at ‘Getting into cycling with Us’ which describes how we can go about getting you into recreational, sociable cycling in a well structured, encouraging and enjoyable way..

And because you will always have questions maybe take a look at our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page where hopefully we can answer your queries, and if not it will point you at a real person who should be able to respond to you promptly.

Our Club – Who we are & What we do

Maybe the first thing you should do is see if we offer the things you want as a new cyclist or as a cyclist looking to join a sociable group- take a look at our Introduction to CTC Coventry page.

Getting into Cycling with Us

Then to understand how to get into safe and relaxed group cycling with our Club take a look at our  Getting into Cycling page.

Questions ?

You can take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page … andthen if you still don’t have the information you want – or if you’d just plain like to hear from a real person use the following contact.


Contact ?

  Want to communicate with someone, then email us  New Rider Co-ordinator