What’s On

The main cycling events for September are the Meriden Memorial Service and the 100km Cenenary Challenge Ride. As all the activities of our Centenary wind down into October we are focusing on our regular Rides  Programme. On the Social side we have the Club Evening Dinner at the begining of October, and preparing for the Christmas meal. Additionally the fortnightly Tuesday Evening Club Nights will be starting again soon.

Our regular rides for the month View our Calendar to see whats on. (Note that for the regular programme of Day Rides these are communicated via the Weekly Bulletin…see the Sidebar for the option to Subscribe to the Bulletin) For our experienced riders we have a number of Challenges to encourage you to grow your abilities and enjoy more cycling A range of activities organised by our Womens Group to tie in with this years Womens Festival of Cycling from the 18th July to the 1st August.