Centenary Flower Display

As part of CTC Coventry’s various activities next year, celebrating our 100th birthday, Coventry City Council have agreed to create a centenary flower bed to our design which will be installed in Greyfriars Green, near to the City Centre. A similar project was carried out during our 75th anniversary in 1996. Our Centenary design has been refined down to a theme based on  the ‘100’ with the framework of a bicycle with its wheels also being the two zeros in the figure 100. See the Display progress in the images below –

Update on 24th June 2021

The Flower bed is being progressively planted up and is take shape nicely. Here are a few photos of the Bed and of the Information Board.

Update on 8th July 2021

We now have a blue frame, a blue sky should be next.


Organiser – Dave Hearn