Womens Group

Our programme of Womens Only rides will be starting again in March on the 3rd Sunday of every month and will be specifically tailored to cater for new riders and improvers.
If you feel you want to start cycling with us before March then please make contact and you could come along with our New Rider Group on the 1st Sunday of each Month.
In the meantime take a look at the other information we have –


This outlines our regular rides and how you can get into riding with us. It also has the current schedule of Women’s Group Rides
Current Status of the Women’s Group
This coming year the Womens Group will be organising a 2022 Women’s Festival  to build upon the successes of the previous years events.
This shows the current programme of Tours
This shows some of the people in our group
This gives information on how the Womens Group organise and manage ourselves.