Join our Club

We are a membership cycling club however you join us by becoming a member of our umbrella organisation Cycling UK.
Anyone can come along on up to three CTC Coventry rides as a Guest even if you aren’t a member of Cycling UK. If you wish to ride with us long-term then we ask that you join Cycling UK. There are many benefits – especially ensuring that you are covered by Insurance when riding.
We are just one of several hundred groups which form UK Cycling, the national cyclists’ organisation with a membership of over 70,000. Formerly known as the Cyclists’ Touring Club, the UK Cycling works nationally to promote cycling and protect cyclists. Each local group, such as CTC Coventry, is free to manage itself and operate in a way benefit its members under the overall umbrella of Cycling UK Joining Cycling UK gives you access to lots of nationally provided benefits and support.


Click here to go to the Cycling UK website to join as a member