Welfare / Safeguarding

Shona Hudson and Roy Bhakta share the role as our Welfare/Safeguarding Officer.
This is a role required of each member group, by Cycling UK. The Club’s Welfare Officer is  available to support to members to help them in addressing issues such as
        1. complaints against individuals
        2. the protection of vulnerable adults and children
        3. issues of discrimination;
Additionally  Welfare Officers are here  to monitor compliance with policies related to this area, such as Cycling UK’s Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy and Cycling UK’s Young Person’s Participation Policy. Welfare Officers use Cycling UK’s Complaints, Disputes and Disciplinary Procedures in the event of any disputes, as well as keeping in mind the guidance in the Inclusion and Diversity Champion’s Toolkit. 
(For clarification Cycling UK changed the role “Welfare Officer” to “Safeguarding Officer” a couple of years ago)
If you are concerned about the way you or some one else has been dealt with or treated within the club, please contact Shona on this email link