Communication using WhatsApp at Coventry CTC

We run a WhatsApp community group called CTC Coventry Community.

There are many WhatsApp groups you can join within this community.

These include the Open Club Chat group which anyone can join if they are a member of Cycling UK and ride with us. You can also join the Announcements group to keep up with club events and activities.

Once you are a member of the Community there will be other Whatsapp groups that you can join.

Example Screenshot

Select the relevant group you have an interest in and click on the “Request to join” button.

Example Screenshot

Weekly ride information will continue to be available via the Weekly Bulletin and Website link to the Ride Planner.

The Community has been set up to help improve communication between members and sharing of information. We ask you always to respect each others views and to consider what you are posting at all times will be relevant and useful to those within that group. The groups are self-policing but should you find something posted that you feel uncomfortable with then please notify the Welfare Officer via .If a post is deemed unacceptable it will be deleted appropriately.


  • When making a comment around a “sensitive subject” please take extra care to consider how the phrasing of your comment may be interpreted.

  • When participating in discussions, please do so with the intent of supporting others or engaging in healthy discussion. Do not phrase your comments in a way that may shame, humiliate or undermine others.

  • Swearing and inappropriate comments/content from club members is not acceptable and we would ask you to think before posting/commenting anything that could cause offence.