Cycle Infrastructure Report – August 2020

Nationally we have seen the opening of public consultation on proposed Highway Code revisions and the publication of a much improved Cycle Infrastructure Design Note for England.

Locally, some new spending is promised. The three West Midlands Local Enterprise Partnerships have announced new infrastructure spending (Starley Network) :

Coventry: A route from Coventry Arena to Whitmore Park and then south to join the Barkers Butts / Coundon Road route, just about to be built.

Solihull: A route between Balsall Common and the A45 near Birmingham Airport, to link with the routes being developed around the business parks and railway stations at that location.

Warwickshire: A “Warwickshire Cycle Links Project” whatever that is.

Warwickshire County Council installed various ill thought-out schemes in its towns in the hope of getting government money from the Emergency Active Travel Fund.  All have now been removed.