Diversity & Inclusion Champion

Update from Vicky Palethorpe on 28th April 2021 –

As a club that is part of Cycling UK, we are committed to creating a more inclusive, diverse and supportive environment for all who want to join us. At our AGM in 2020 it was acknowledged that we had made big steps in encouraging more women to join and take an active part in the club but we need to do more to attract and encourage people from a wider representation of  our community, especially the younger generation and other under served communities. 
Some of our initial thoughts are in this page – http://coventryctc.org.uk/diversity-in-cycling-initial-thoughts
Cycling UK has developed a Diversity and Inclusion Champion role to help us create more accessible and supportive spaces for newcomers. We would really welcome everyone who is interested to contribute to this discussion.
So if any one has comments or would like to express an interest in this role, the link to the role description is
 and please share your thoughts and interest with  Vicky – secretary@coventryCTC.org.uk