Facebook and Instagram



Review how these two Social Media tools are currently are being used, what their future capabilities could be, and to determine if they are integral to any of our Delivery activities or if they are useful ‘nice to haves’ but which do not have any formal role within the Club Communications structure.

Understand their role in engaging with people outside of the Club and if they are part of how we attract New Riders.

Make it more apparent to the wider membership how they are used in the Club, what they are good for, and make suggestions as to how they are used.



COMMITTEE ACTION REQUIRED – This is an area that we are struggling with a great deal !! None of us seem to be major users of Facebook or Instagram and some are even anti-users !  To realistically assess where these two could fit into our Communications ‘profile’ then we probably need some strong users or advocates of social media from outside of our group to come in and help us.

Can the Club Committee identify and candidates to help us with looking into the use of Facebook & Instagram ?

and/ or

It has been noticed that the Publicity Group are referencing and monitoring FaceBook & Instagram as part of their set of activities, and possibly it is better that they become the prime driver of this ?