Go Offroad – where we ride

Where we Ride

We have a three different options for rides and routes – Countryside Rides, Country Parks and Trail Centres

1. Countryside rides

We have a selection of local rides in the countryside around Coventry… see our Library of Countryside Routes at the bottom of the page for our growing choice of routes. These tend to be a combination of Bridleways and quiet country lanes. Generally they will involve a drive to the start point then a few hours enjoying the scenery and the challenge of riding through it ! There are a number we haven’t done for a while which we will be investigating with your help in the near future.

2. Country Parks

We do have a couple of Country Parks – Sutton Park and the Lickey Hills – which have tracks around them which are suitable for informal offroad riding, and soon we will be investigating what the Clent Hills have to offer.

Sutton Park – Lots of trails around the park, across heathland and through woods and by ponds, for scenic non-technical offroad cycling



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To get a .gpx filefor navigation then go to the ‘Route Tools’ section  the Left-hand Sidebar and then Click on the ‘GPS’ icon

Lickey Hills   – A selection of short trails radiating out from the Lickey Hills https://s3-media1.fl.yelpcdn.com/bphoto/Vh7KP1Ep-ljmz7dsmB2laQ/o.jpgVisitor Centre exploring the different scenery and riding conditions.







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To get a gpx filefor navigation then go to the ‘Route Tools’ section  the Left-hand Sidebar and then Click on the ‘GPS’ icon

Clent Hills – This is a new one to us which we’ve only just become aware of.  Four Stones Folly - geograph.org.uk - 672193  We’ll do an investigative ride there soon and decide if it is suitable for us to ride as a group, and matches what we like to do Offroad.

Clent Hills outline and Biking on the Clent hills



3. Trail Centres

We have a couple of Trail Centres – Hicks Lodge and Cannock Chase – within an hour travel for more ‘technical’ mountain bike riding, with a range of routes and challenges from the dead easy to the pulse raising ! Additionally we’ve just done a check visit to the new Trail Centre at Northampton which we will be looking to put in our schedule at some time. And there are rumours of a small trail centre at Bedworth which we will be taking a ride out to fairly shortly.

Hicks Lodge – A couple of easy offroad routes in a lovely setting as an easy hicks lodge cycle centre - YouTubefirst step into single track riding. A real nice introduction to trail centre riding.


Cannock Chase – Many different types of offroad cycling to be experienced from the scenic gentle Sherbrook trail, through the new Perrys Blue Route as a fun step up from Hicks Lodge and for the enhisiasts a chance to move on  to the technical challenges of ‘Follow the Dog’ and ‘Monkey Trail’ Red Routes.


Routes From Cannock Chase Visitor Centre

Sherbrook Trail – Gentle Blue Trail



Green Route from Cannock Chase Visitor Centre to Birches Valley

Routes From Birches Valley Visitor Centre

Northampton Bike Park      A selection of short technical routes from simple green routes, through to some skill developing blue routes, and full on Red and Black routes for the intrepid riders, in a compact setting.

Parking Road Bike

Good for a concentrated session of skills development. 




Outline of what the Bike park