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The idea of running a trip to Mallorca in the April is a result of a discussion I had with a group from Marlow in 2019. They were obviously having a ball enjoying daily rides based on a hotel in Puerto Pollenca, and I thought I’d like some of this!

For many years Mallorca has been a very popular destination for both top level racing teams and recreational cyclists. Cyclists are wonderfully catered for with a number of dedicated cycle paths and fabulous scenic roads. Initially I found it very odd that Puerto Pollenca and Alcudia were the favoured bases for recreational cycling tucked away in the north of the island. However these resorts provide the best location for a variety of terrain; three peninsulas, coast, the rolling centre of the island, and the challenging Tramantana mountains.

The dates we have chosen in late April are after the training teams have left, and before the main holiday season starts in May. Temperatures should be ideal then, but some of the sightseeing trips and cafes may not be open.

The holiday is based on a Jet2 package which is very flexible with flights and accommodation options. Members will make their own bookings. The hotel is the Pollensa Park and Spa see|main:accommodation

Each day will be arranged between us, with shorter and longer rides, easy rides and rides with significant climbing in the mountains. This will be on an ad-hoc basis depending on the weather and what people want to do. We also plan to arrange transport to take us with our bikes to places to visit and enjoy a linear ride back. This is to reduce the amount of ascents, and route repetition. The walking options from the hotel usually have an opportunity to swim and bird watching.


Members need to make their own bookings with Jet2 for the holiday. The start date is Thursday April 21st and nominally for 10 nights but members can be flexible with their duration. I’ve booked from April 21st and returning on May 3rd The deposit is £120 with the final amount due in mid Feb. The basic holiday price is for B&B and for a modest £65 includes half board. Bikes and their transfer are £86.90 which I have also booked. Our basic half board cost for the 12 days was £924 each. BUT be warned this price will go up if Jet2 bookings are healthy! There’s a tourist tax payable at the hotel. This will be 1 or 2 Euro per day in April.

The big question is ‘when to book’? The sooner you book the better the price, and ensure you can get your bike booked onto the flight If you are hiring a bike the sooner the better. I assume everyone will want to fly from Birmingham.


It’s because of the recent removal of many coronavirus travel conditions that I feel confident to book. The Government website below is the bottom line, but Jet2 seem to spell t out in clear English on their website below. However things may change. The first thing to do is to get the NHS App on your phone, and ensure information concerning your vaccinations is detailed.


The hotel has had a major refurbishment since I was there last, and still may not live up to the gloss below. However this monster of a hotel has all we need for the trip with a great location and bike storage facilities. Take a look at the website for all the facilities.

“ Imagine it… Relax, beach, sport and exclusivity in a natural environment of incredible beauty. Welcome to the Hotel Cabot Pollensa Park Spa **** . A Spa hotel in Puerto de Pollença that invites you to live a wellness experience in a peaceful environment. The wonderful location of this accommodation, a few meters from the beach and the town center, makes it the perfect choice for family vacations, groups, business trips and sports experiences. Feel the maximum disconnection in a hotel designed exclusively for the rest of our guests. We have very comfortable rooms with views of the Mediterranean, two restaurants with local food, two bars, a spa with a large number of treatments, rooms for events, tennis courts, garage for bicycles, animation for adults and children, 33 m of swimming pool, children’s pool, splash area.… Everything so that you can enjoy a unique experience as you deserve. “


In April There is a 54% chance of a perfect sunny day and a 46% chance of seeing some clouds, with on average only 5mm of rainfall. Temperatures are generally excellent for cycling, but for sunbathing it can be cool. Visitors are recommended to take warmer clothes especially for venturing out in the evening. The average daily maximum is 17 C and the average daily minimum is 6 C.


To comply with Jet2 terms and conditions you must take out adequate travel insurance. This should cover from the date of booking in case you have to cancel your plans, until you get home, for any emergencies while you’re away. Jet2 recommend the policy you choose includes cover for any pre-existing medical conditions. They offer their own insurance.

All Cycling UK members are covered for third party insurance and there’s increased cover for registered leaders. This cover is worldwide. For this reason all members on the holiday need to be members.

Please ensure that you have an EHIC card which will be valid until it expires. When you apply for a new EHIC now you’ll get a GHIC, which is a new UK equivalent, providing reciprocal health cover depending on the country visited.


British visitors’ passports MUST be valid for at least 6 months to enter the EU, and be less than 10 years old (even if it has 6 months validity or more left). See if your passport needs renewing. Check also that you have a clear page in your passport as it will need tobe stamped with your travel date when you’re travelling to and from the EU.



Most cyclists understandably find the thought of taking a bike abroad on a flight daunting. But if you decide that’s what you want to do; help is at hand. I strongly recommend packing it either in a purpose made bike bag (Aldi have had some good on-line offers recently) or a bike box given away by a bike shop. If necessary I’ll arrange a session with help packing your bike in the car-park at GoOutdoors and for them to have some boxes handy. I also hope to co-ordinate getting bikes to the airport with a van if needed.


· You can be confident you are riding the bike you love and trust, with perfect gearing etc.

· It’s cost effective for longer stays.


· There’s always a small risk of your bike not being put on your flight, but given the daily Jet2 flights this should be minimal.

· Packaging and the hassle of getting your bike to & from the airport.


There are numerous good bike-hire shops in Port Pollenca, but demand can be high. So I recommend booking your bike on-line as soon as you have your flights booked. The recommended hire shop 2 years ago is and they offer a 10% discount for groups of 8 or more.


· It’s cost effective for shorter trips.

· A golden opportunity to try a new bike

· No worries about packing and getting your bike to & from the Airport.


· Hire bikes tend to have standard compact chain-sets, and unsuitable if you need lower gear ratios. However gradients are generally ok in Mallorca.

If you decide to hire a bike, I suggest taking your own comfortable saddle.

Either way take a good lock.


1. Formentor Peninsula

This superb ride makes an initial climb from Puerto Pollenca to a popular viewpoint. From here it continues climbing and descending a number of times, working its way along the peninsula with spectacular views. At the end of the peninsula you are rewarded with a café at the lighthouse which again affords great sea views. However this is a very popular route for all tourists and for cycling it can be spoilt somewhat by cars and buses. Therefore it’s best to go either very early or late in the afternoon. Return route 41km 1128m ascent & descent. FORNENTOR.gpx

2. Palma to Puerto Polenca

The action plan here would be to use the transfer bus to take us to the centre of Palma where we could spend the most of the morning to admire the centre of this fine capital city with its refurbished old buildings, lively shopping area, and boulevards surrounded by the city wall. The route starts at the Cathedral, then north into the city centre. From here it leaves the town going north east before turning east and follows a series of villages at the southern edge of the Tramantanamountains. Distance 62km ascent & descent 410m Route PALMA.gpx

3. Sa Calobra

The climb from Sa Calobra (on the north coast) up to the main road MA 10 is a classic must-do ride. It’s like an alpine ascent with numerous hairpin bends starting from sea level. However to get to Sa Calobra and back is a daunting tough day, and the involves a slow climb from Pollenca on the main road with associated traffic. We are therefore arranging for a coach & trailer to take us to the turn-off on the main road. From here there are the following options

· Cycle down to Sa Calobra and return. There’s a slight sting in the tail in that this starts with a climb up to the Col de Cals Reis. Sa Colobra to the M10 is 12.5km 710m ascent and 160m descent. Route

· A more interesting option would be to continue along the scenic MA10 to Port Soller. After a flatish section this involves a climb before going through a 200m tunnel (where la rear light is recommended) and then enjoy a fantastic descent into Port Pollenca stopping en route at a café with a brilliant view. From the port we will take a boat to Sa Calobra and then do the infamous climb as above. The route to Port Soller is 25km 400m ascent and 1010m descent. Route…

· After a rewarding refreshment at the MA10 junction, I assume everyone will want to cycle back to Puerto Pollenca, reversing the route below.

For those who want to cycle up to the MA10 to the Sa Colobra turning, its an additional 35km, 890m ascent and 290m descent. Route MA10-SC TURN.gpx

4. Alcudia Peninsula

This is a ride onto the Alcudia Peninsula to The Ermita de la Victoria where there’s a café to leave our bikes for a walk to the Talaia d’ Alcudia. This is a magnificent mountain viewpoint 400m above sea level. The ride from Puerto Pollensa and follows cycle path along the bay road down to Alcudia and east to Mal Pas. From here the road follows the scenic northern coast road to where we turn off to the Ermita. The return route is the same as outward but following the coast north of Alcudia. Return distance 27km and 310m ascent/descent. ALCUDIA P CYCLE.gpx The walk starts on a wide gravel track and then onto a rocky path to the Talaia d’ Alcudia (cycling shoes should be fine) . Distance there 2.1km with 328m ascent. ALCUDIA P WALK.gpx

5. Arta Peninsula

This route is basically a return from Arta on the Arta Peninsula. The route is only 40 km which may suit those wanting an easy ride by getting transport there. Arta is an ancient hill town with a mountainous back-drop. A 10 minute stroll to the Sanitori de Sant Salvador is recommended for views from this shrine.

Options from Arta:

· Simply ride back to the hotel : 40km with 300m ascent and 400m descent Route ARTA.gpx

· Ride there and back making a total of 80k

· Make a circuit north from Arta to CalaMesquida then south to Capdepera which has an attractive 14th Century Castle.

6. Sineu Market

SIneu is an interesting town dating back to the 14th Century. The Wednesday outdoor market is the largest outdoor market on the island. The route there follows the coastal cycle path through Alcudia as far as Can Picafort, and from here heads south through Santa Margalida to Sineu. The return route is to the north via Sa Pobla. Distance 80km 485m ascent/descent. SINEU MARKET.gpx

7. Lluc Monastery

This route follows a series of small villages on the southern side of the Tramantanamountains as far as Caimari in 25km. From here the route heads north into the Tramantana on a very scenic climb of 576m. From the top of the climb it’s a short descent to Lluc where we can spend time looking at the Monastery or just having lunch in the café outside. After a short ascent the route joins the main MA10 road which provides a fantastic descent down into Pollenca. Total distance 60km and 890m ascent/descent.LLUC.gpx

8. Park Natural de S’ Albufera

This is a gentle cycling route from Puerto Pollensa, along the bay road through Alcudia and Puerto Alcudiato to theS’Albufera Wetlands. The S’ S’Albufera de Mallorca was declared a Natural Park in 1988 and is the largest and most important wetland area in the Balearic Islands. It is also a Wet Zone of International Importance included in the Ramsar Convention and Natura 2000 Network, as a Special Protection Area for Birds (ZEPA) and Site of Community Importance (LIC). Circular 31km route with 155m ascent/descent .ALBUFERA.gpx

9. Valldemossa

This challenging ride follows the MA10 from Valldomossa back to the hotel, and unless anyone wanted something super-serious would require transport to the start. Although the route somewhat repeats the Sa Calobra ride, it benefits from the scenic coastal road through Deja to Soller. 1000m of the ascent is from Soller north as far as the tunnel, the gradient is easy, there’s plenty of tree protection if it’s hot, and there’sa great viewpoint with a café on the way. Return route 69km 1540m ascent 1940m descent.


Formentor Peninsula FORMENTOR.GPX 41km Return 1128m 1129m

Palma to Puerto Pollenca PALMA.gpx 62km 410m 415m

Hotel to Sa Calobra turning on

MA10 MA10 – S JUNCTION 33km 920m 385m

Sa Calobra junction to Port

Soller TO PORT SOLLER.gpx 24km 626m 1205m

Alcudia Peninsula return cycle ALCUDIA P CYCLE.GPX 27km 310m 310m

Walk to Talaia Summit ALCUDIA P WALK 2.1km 328m 50m

To Arta Peninsula ARTA.gpx 40m 300m 400m

Sineu Market Return SINEU MARMET.gpx 80km 485m 485m

Lluc Monastery Return LLUC.gpx 60km 890m 890m

Park Natural de S’ Albufera

Return ALBUFERA.gpx 31km 155m 155m

Valldemossa VALLDEMOSSA.gpx 69km 1540m 1940m


Boquer Valley

This is an easy walk starting from the hotel, and leaving from the north of the resort. From here it simply takes a series of tracks and footpaths into the lovely Boquer Valley which is noted for its bird life. The valley leads to a stony bay which is great for swimming. The return route follows a choice of parallel paths. Distance 10.5km and ascent 165m Route …..gpx

Cala San Vicenc and Puigd’Aguila

This walk also starts from the hotel, and leaves the resort at its north-west side. The route follows good tracks before climbing over the SillerCol on a rocky footpath. From here the route descend intoof Cala San Vicenc which is a mix of lovely coves and concrete! A good track leads out of the north from here which leads to a rugged coastal path. A detour from this leads to the summit of Puigd’Aguila for excellent views. We then continue on the coastal path to reach a coastal viewpoint, and from here take a series of paths back to Cala San Vincent for refreshments and take a taxi back to the hotel. Distance 12k and 300m ascent. Route ….gpx


The public bus services are excellent on Mallorca, and there are stops 10 mins from the hotel. But these services are somewhat seasonal as are many of the boat trips etc. A good train service operates between Palma and Inca and to Manacor.

Puerto Pollensa: Visit the market 0900-1300 on Wednesdays

Palma: A full day sight-seeing in Palma by local bus service 340. The bus journey takes about 90 mins.

Pollensa: Take the bus service 345 or a taxi to the old town of Pollensa – explore the old winding streets and climb the steps to the Calvary

S’Albufereta/S’Albufera Wetlands: A haven for bird-spotting. Easily accessible by bus service 352.

Alcudia: Take the bus service 352 to visit the old town or the port area


All members on the holiday should have their ‘in case of emergency’ details on their phone.

Before the holiday I’ll send out a note asking members for insurance, medication , and next of kin

Below is a list of emergency services.:

Medical Centres: Public Medical Centre – UBS Port de Pollenca, Carrer de Vincenc Buades, 45.

Tel: +34 971 86 56 81 . Or ask Hotel Reception to assist.

Public Hospitals: Centre de Salut “EsSafrà”, Alcudia, Tel : +34 971 54 97 77. Open 24 hrs, accepts EHICs

University Hospital Son Espases, Ctra. deValldemossa 7907010 Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Tel: +34 871 205 000.

This is a new, large hospital and has an accident and emergency department.

Pharmacy: On the sea-front.

Emergency numbers:


National Police 091

Local Police 092

Guardia Civil 062

Ambulance/ medical emergency 061

British Consulate Palma 971 712445



This is a Provisional Prospectus which seeks to prompt expressions of interest.


The Mallorca holiday has rescheduled for late April 2022. (Scheduling Window is 21st to 30th April)

The photo is the wonderful road to Sa Calobra

It’s a new concept for the club based on a Jet2 flexible package holiday staying at the Pollensa Park Hotel in Port Pollensa towards the north of this fabulous island. The idea is that we will have detailed opportunities for cycle rides, walks, and sightseeing, or you can just have a day relaxing by the pool. We will be looking for members to share the ride leading with plenty of support.


For many years Mallorca has been a very popular destination for both top level racing teams and recreational cyclists. Cyclists are wonderfully catered for with a number of dedicated cycle paths and fabulous scenic roads.

Take a look at for details of the package.  Basic B&B prices are currently very attract (£685 per person sharing a twin room) and Mike Thomas hopes to give the ‘Green Light’ to book soon.  Prices will obviously go up once people are more confident booking overseas travel. 

To register initial interest and for more information please contact Mike Thomas










To register initial interest please contact Mike Thomas