I shall start with The Story of the spoof Blue Plaque …….

In February 2012, a blue plaque appeared on 11 Golden Square, Soho.

???????????????????????????????It’s not there anymore and neither was it up for long, which is a shame. It commemorated…well, have a look.

??????????????????????The plaque was the work of Dave Askwith and Alex Normanton, who made the signs look as authentic as possible and then surreptitiously secured them to buildings. Some lasted weeks, some months.

The plaque I saw on the ride seems to be a copy – especially with the date of residency being 2169

Spotting it is a tough one – the ‘pretend’ blue plaque is on a house wall in the village of Long Itchington opposite the Harvester Pub. I traveled down Church Street in an easterly direction towards the Duck Pond however the plaque is more obvious when travelling east to west.

Turning right at the  Duck Pond and then on the right there is an interesting and somewhat unusual building for this very rural part of South Warwickshire, a half-timbered Tudor house at which Queen Elizabeth I is said to have stayed in 1572 and 1575.