This lovely converted barn is in the village of Broadwell.

This is a very uninspiring village and quite rightly I normally just ride straight through it.  The Wikipedia entry (which I assume was written by someone who has a fondness for the place) notes

“Architecturally, Broadwell is somewhat unprepossessing.”

Which makes it somewhat surprising that there is no reference to this pretty former Barn !!

Another few entries in the Wikipedia entry which lend weight to the less than positive perspective of the village are –

In part, the lack of a pub is due to the village’s nonconformist tradition

The village did have a small post office selling stamps and a small range of what might be classed as ‘essential items.’ It was based at the rear of a private bungalow. But when the Post Office insisted the elderly postmistress would have to install a computer for electronic transactions, she (politely) told them what to do with their computer – and retired!

The village has an old forge, a 17th-century blacksmith shop, which is listed Grade II. The building, although derelict and structurally unsafe (with an Acrow prop supporting the roof), cannot be demolished, because of the protection order, and would be unviable to restore.