Peak District Trails Weekend – May 28th/29th


Status – 12th October

I have just (10th Oct) done a trial ride of the Day 1 Route including the Monsal Trail – and it was fantastic. Lots of changes of wonderful scenery and riding conditions – and loads (tunnels and bridges) to see on the Monsal Trail itself. Identified some sections of loose surfaces which would mean that wide tyres on a tourer or hybrid would be required and that a mountain bike would be ideal. This is the planned Day 1 route – .   And this is the possible Day 2  route that I will trial in the next couple of weeks – In ‘’ look for the the ‘Route Tools’ section click then on the ‘Mountain. icon to get the Elevation profile, and click on the ‘GPS’ icon to download a gpx file.

Status – 20th November

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    Monsal Trail

There are three disused Railway lines  in the Peak District- the Monsal Trail, the High Peak Trail and the Tissington Trail –  linking Ashbourne, Buxton, Bakewell, and Wirksworth.  This ‘tour’ is intended to cycle these three trails, with interlocking road and track sections, in a figure of eight pattern over 2 days. The crossover in the figure of eight will be Parsley Hay and we will base ourselves for our one night stay at the YHA Hostel at Hartington just to the south of Parsley Hay.


Who is trip  the aimed at?

As a Weekend trip over just a Saturday and Sunday, this is intended to give employed members and less experienced riders a chance to get away as part of a group into a reachable, and very attractive part of the Midlands, without requiring too many days riding there and back again..

The trip is scheduled for a few weeks after the return of the Mallorca trip.

The drive is to the area on the Saturday morning is eminently do’able (75 miles – less than 2 hours) with an early start. A mid-afternoon finish on a Sunday before driving back also means that we would only need 1 night away. (You obviously have the option to book additional nights, such as the Friday night to avoid the early morning drive up on the Saturday)

 The routes are very achievable for most of our riders. Day 1 is 41 miles with 850m of ascent and Day 2 is 42 miles with 790m of ascent. The offroad sections are mainly gravelled trails rather than rough tracks. So the riding is not easy-peasy but certainly not overwhelming

Importantly there is a chance for the group to socialise after the riding !

High Peak Trail, Derbyshire - Cycling With The Kids
High Peaks Trail


Day 1 Saturday 28th May – Northern Loop – Top of the Tissington Trail and the Monsal Trail

On Day 1 we will drive from Coventry to Hartington, park the cars, and then ride the northern loop, including the Monsal Trail, to Buxton and Bakewell.

After the Ride we will check in to the YHA.

For the Evening meal there are a couple of pubs serving food in the village of Hartington. Or you could sel-cater in the Hostel.

This is the Monsal Trail Leaflet



Day 2 Sunday 29th May – Southern Loop Bottom of the Tissington Trail and the High Peak Trail

On Day 2 we will do the southern loop to Ashbourne and Wirksworth then finish back at Hartington to load up our cars and drive back to Coventry.

This is the White Peak Trail map


Tissington Trail, Ashbourne, Derbyshire | The Times
Tissington Village



The Hartington YHA ( does have the standard male and female shared bunk rooms at an economical prices. In addition it has a good mix of ‘Private’ rooms of different rooms both with and without ensuite facilities at a range of price points.

If you would like me to book accommodation for you and know what sort of accommodation you want (or if a group of you are happy to share) then I will have a go. HOWEVER you need to let me know your requirements by the 5th December as I suspect that other members of the public will also start to book accommodation for their 2022 holidays fairly soon.

As always you have the options to defer choosing your accommodation and to book it yourself at the time of your choice. In that case if you let me know I can maintain a list of people intending to come on the trip so you could co-ordinate the sharing of rooms that you book yourselves.

What sort of Bike ?

The offroad route is  mainly hard surfaces however there are sections with loose gravel and a couple of  descents are steep and rutted. A tourer or hybrid with 32mm or wider tyes would be okay and a moutain bike would be ideal.

(And given the time of year if its been wet you might like to consider the need for mudguards.)

For the Weekend you will need to – 

Arrange your travel to Hartington on Saturday morning to get there for 9.30 and ready to depart at 10am. I can maintain a list of people travelling there so you could co-ordinate the sharing of transport.

Book your Saturday night accommodation at Hartington YHA … and chose if you want to have breakfast in the Hostel on Sunday morning.

Bring a warm top for cycling through the tunnels – they are really cold even at the height of summer.



What next ?

Please let Alan Jelley know if you are at all interested or want more details – and what you want to do about accommodation.

Alan Jelley




Bob Tinley is anticipating cycling to Hartington rather than driving. If you are interested in joining him … Contact Bob Tinley

Similarly Nigel and Terry are planning on riding up to Hartington over 2 days. If you are interested in joining them … Contact Nigel & Terry

Steve Davoile is planning on staying for another couple of days to do some mountain biking. Contact him if you are interested in staying on…Contact Steve Davoile

The following Registration form MUST be completed by EACH participant BEFORE joining this Tour.