Report and Photos from the 2024 Meriden Service

A report from Dave Hearn on the 2024 Meriden Service

I am sure the glorious weather helped but opinion is that we had the best attendance post covid, about 300.

CTC Coventry supported the event quite well. As usual we had 30 plus from Warwick Lanterne Rouge, and similar from Cannon Hill CC.

Two clubs attended for the first time and afterwards wondered why they had not been before, they both feature some of their members on a couple of photos.

We were joined by the Mayor of Solihull and her Consort and together with the Vicar came to the Village Hall for tea and cake. I think in their case it was Birthday Cake.

It was my 70th and Vicky had been cunningly planning with Margaret’s help to surprise me. It worked, and I was sung to. I must say, I did wonder why Vicky had gone in her car.

It became clear, transporting a large red velvet cake on a bicycle should not I’m sure be recommended.

The photos are as follows,

1 Vicky with the CTC Coventry wreath.

2 Three lads from Velo Moira (attending for the first time).

3 The Mayor’s Consort, Myself, the Mayor & Vicky.

4 John Sullivan from Poole attending his 69th consecutive service (wow).

5 Martin with the crosses he is going to take and plant on his forthcoming tour to the battlefields.

6 A group of Warwickshire Ladies CC (also attending for the first time.