Virtual Pub Crawl by Bike

A ‘Stir-Crazy Production’ from the Hedgerow Botherers – Mike Thomas and Alan Jelley

As we can’t go into the pubs for a pint at present, we thought you could sit in front of your computer with a drink to hand to work out the route and names of a series of 10 pubs which we hope we will soon be able to visit for a pint.

The object is to name the pubs in order, and work out the shortest distance by bike on-road, from start to end.

The route begins and finishes at BikeWrench in Cannon Hill Rd where we have been offered 20% off service and repairs including labour and materials.

There’s a bonus point for explaining the sad fact about the bridge which we have all cycled under many times, and is between pubs 8 and 9.

Disclaimer – in no way does the Club endorse or encourage drinking alcohol whilst cycling – this is purely a whimsical ‘Quiz Journey’ to do from the safety of your desk or sofa at home only.

Right, lets mount up on our Virtual Bikes and set off for the First Pub – Pub 1 – Question