My memories of Paul

Although I rarely rode with Paul I was particularly impressed with his concern for others. Late in 2019 I suffered with a condition that has led to partial but permanent sight loss in my left eye. Despite all Paul’s health problems which far eclipsed my own, he was one of the first people to contact me to see how I was getting on. A mark of a really caring individual. We also exchanged some correspondence around his production of the videos and my work on the centenary booklet. His advice and support was always invaluable. A generous individual who will be sadly missed.

Grateful to Paul

Very saddened to hear about Paul. I very much enjoyed cycling with him over the summer months (2016/2017) when training for a longer charity event with Nicky Atherton & her family. Paul was great company, very encouraging & kind. He knew all the local routes & was tolerant of our frequent coffee stops, toilet stops & non-stop talking! I pass on condolences to his family – he will be missed by many.

Clearly enjoyed life

I didn’t know Paul well although we crossed paths a couple of times including at the Xmas dinner in 2019.

I have however just spend a reflective half hour enjoying the videos of your tours and appreciating what a special group of people you all are. Clearly Paul was at the heart of this and I enjoyed the vicarious pleasure of this short ride along with you on some of the tours.

He clearly enjoyed life and had a great group of friends in Coventry CTC.

An Inspiration

Paul was one of those people that you wish the World was full of. He was an inspiration to me. I wish I had been able to spend more time with him as a number of the group were fortunate to have done. Paul obviously lived his life to the fullest and just got on with it despite the problems he had. I’m really glad to have had the chance to have known him. He will not be forgotten.

Jolly good company

Very sad news.
I have fond memories of Paul, he led many rides, organised tours and was always very welcoming and supportive of all.
I benefitted from his humour and interesting conversations many times whilst gliding along on Sunday rides and occasional tours. I came to learn he was a cycling fanatic and prior to that, he had been an accomplished runner.
When his condition meant that one eye was impaired and I’m sure was a challenge, he still managed to carry on cycling and present as upbeat, still humourous, inspiring.
I am thankful I had the opportunity to spend some time in the company of Paul.