Cycle Routes Report June 2020

Coventry Coundon Cycleway

This promises to be of a quality never before seen in Coventry or Warwickshire. A three metre wide path separated from both pedestrians and motor traffic with priority over side streets.

There is  opposition from residents who regard the storing of cars on the public highway as a basic right. There are petitions both for and against.

People who live or work in the council wards close to the route should contact the councillors expressing support. The affected wards are

  • Bablake (NE of Hollyfast Rd)
  • Radford (NE of Barker’s Butts Lane)
  • Sherbourne (SW of the route).

Details of the route can be found here.

Pop-up infrastructure

Due to the need for social distancing, the government is advising people to avoid using public transport.  There’s a fear that this will lead to massive road congestion if commuters switch to cars as the lockdown is relaxed. In response to this, the Department of Transport has made £250 million available to local authorities, telling them to make significant changes to their road layouts, giving more space to cyclists and pedestrians.

However, buses and trains have a small share of transport in Coventry and the Warwickshire towns, except for journeys to schools and colleges, so it is likely that little will be implemented here.

If you know a place where there are considerable numbers of cyclists and where low cost temporary measures, such as planters or barriers, would greatly improve conditions, please email your local councillors about the issue. Copy in the relevant council cabinet members.  In Coventry those would be Jim O’Boyle, Patricia Hetherton and Kamran Caan.

Shows bollardsBollards block heavy traffic Pop-up protected cycle laneLeicester pop-up protected cycle lanes

Canal Towpath

The towpath between bridge 4 (where the Stoney Stanton Road meets Leicester Causeway) and Hawkesbury junction is due to be re-surfaced to 2.2m before the Autumn.

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