Report 2021-02

Here’s what I’ve been up to between December 2020 and February 2021:

A46 Strategic Link Road

With new housing at Kings Hill and the planned expansion of the University of Warwick, growing traffic levels between the A46 (Stoneleigh junction), and the University of Warwick are predicted to cause significantly longer journey times. Warwickshire County Council and Coventry Council are proposing that a new road be built between the A46 junction and either the A429 or to the University itself. It would be a dual carriageway, taking a width of 50 metres. I submitted an alternative suggestion:

Demand reduction for Stoneleigh Road and Gibbet Hill Road:

  1. Change use of Westwood Business Park to residential. Student accommodation would be ideal.
  2. Re-locate the University of Warwick car parking much closer to the A46 Stoneleigh junction. That would greatly reduce the number of vehicles using
    Stoneleigh Road and Gibbet Hill Road, as buses are much more efficient people movers than single occupancy cars. Cycling and micro mobility solutions for use
    between the new car parking and the campus would add flexibility.

Coventry Telegraph

Following a little controversy in the local newspaper, I had a letter published in defence of cycleways.

Hipswell Highway / The Drive

Commented on the scheme to introduce speed cushions and 20 mph speed limit. Suggested moving centre island closer to Meredith Road to make it easier for people cycling southwards along Hipswell Highway to turn right into Meredith Road.

Coventry City Centre South

Commented on outline planning application (OUT/2020/2876):

The removal of surplus car parking capacity and the end of the City Arcade and Barracks car parks are welcome steps.
It should be an aim to end the dominance of cars on the inner circulatory road in order to encourage people to use pedal cycles and micro mobility vehicles on it.

Charter Avenue

Emergency Active Travel cycleway scheme

I emailed the lead councillor for City Centre in support of the scheme following a call from Adam Tranter.  I included in the message that I considered a cycleway connecting Warwick University’s Lynchgate Rd entrance with the Charter Ave and Sir Henry Parkes Road facilities is much needed. It needs to be segregated from both pedestrians and motor traffic with priority over traffic accessing Cannon Park Shopping Centre.

Leaf lane

Missed opportunity to support a scheme for a 20 mph speed limit, chicanes and speed cushions. It’s quite an important link for cycling between east Coventry and the Stivichall Interchange (for Baginton, Cubbington and Warwick).


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