Vehicle battery factory at Coventry Airport?

There’s a proposal to build a vehicle battery factory on the land currently occupied by Coventry Airport.

Details, and a chance to comment on the proposals, can be found at (note that the page is slow to load).

I’ve already made the following comment:

1) The battery factory will generate a lot of HGV traffic. What about a railway link to the West Coast Main Line (WCML) at a point just east of the A46? HS2 is supposed to free WCML capacity for freight.

2) The cycle routes need to be a lot better than the recently installed shared use path on the north side of Rowley Road. Cyclists on that path are expected to give way to traffic turning into and out of premises at fourteen points in a distance of about a mile.

Do local highway engineers understand the concept of Kinetic Energy and the fact that cyclists must generate their own? Have they ever heard of Department Of Transport publication “Cycle Infrastructure Design (LTN 1/20)” ?

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