Coventry Canal Basin Access

There’s long been a problem with getting between Coventry’s canal basin and the city centre.

Some people used the bridge between Bishop Street and Leicester Row to cross the ring road. That’s too narrow to wheel a bicycle, let alone pedal one!

In the past there was a suggestion to put a toucan crossing on the ring road itself. Or to raise the ring road surface by a metre or so and fit a subway under the roadway.

A somewhat cheaper option has now been implemented. Starting at the canal basin end,

space for cycleway has been created by taking one of the two general traffic lanes used to access the clockwise ring road.

The route then uses the existing pedestrian crossing to go under the ring road.

On the inside of the ring road, a lane has been taken from general traffic to make a two way cycleway separated from pedestrians:


The cycleway ends at Lamb Street.  Much of the car traffic turns left here to access the West Orchard car park.

Note the cyclist on the carriageway.  Cyclists coming from Radford Road will find it inconvenient to access the cycleway;  they may well find it easier to take the route motorists would.


View from the south.  Cyclists willing to access the canal basin must cross Upper Well Street to reach the new cycleway.

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