Bob’s memories of Paul


Paul was a very good friend to everyone in the Club, was always ready to help and always had something pleasant to say.

Apart from riding with Paul on our regular weekly rides, we had toured extensively together and with others. Sometimes the going got tough when we perhaps pushed ourselves a little more than we should, but Paul was always up for the challenge. Paul soon gained a reputation for producing videos, which are also on our website and you can see how much he enjoyed cycle touring.

Paul organised our tour to the Isle of Man in 2018, when the toughest part involved taking a very hilly route back home from Lancaster through the Pennines. I don’t think I realised how ill Paul was then, but he broke off from the tour twice travelling home for hospital appointments and back to re-join the tour. Any lesser person would have said “sorry” and absented themselves… not so Paul.

We used to rely on Paul to support all our events and to take a leading organisational role… Paul you will be sadly missed.

One thought on “Bob’s memories of Paul”

  1. I only ever got to ride with Paul on a couple of shorter rides, but was amazed at how strong he was as a rider, even more astounding when you consider his visual impairment.
    He took a keen interest in my sons’ Refereeing career, and always asked after him, even though they never met.
    A truly lovely guy, i wish i had known him longer.

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