We aim to increase the number of people regularly cycling by influencing the policy and activities of government and other large organisations within the geographical area we cover.

Advocacy is about influencing key decision-makers. That  means a lot of time at the computer taking advantage of the opportunities provided to comment on official proposals.

Sometimes, when an urgent issue arises, and we have the resources to make an impact, a more dynamic approach of motivating others to contact those decision makers is worthwhile. That’s Campaigning, which is about generating a lot of effective publicity.

CTC Coventry is Cycling UK’s member group covering Coventry, Solihull, and Warwickshire (except for North Warwickshire, Nuneaton and Bedworth).  As cycleways does an admirable job campaigning for better cycle provision in the Warwick district of Warwickshire, and our resources are limited, we mainly focus on Coventry.

George Riches is  Coventry representative of Cycling UK’s Cycle Advocacy Network.

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Points To Note

  • “cycling to work is linked to a 45% lower risk of developing cancer and a 46% lower risk of cardiovascular disease, compared to driving to work or taking public transport.” source
  • “77% of all job seekers, and 87% of young jobseekers, have no access to a car, van or motorbike.” Jim O’Boyle (Coventry  Council Cabinet Member for Jobs, Regeneration and Climate Change)
  • In 2018, 58% of car journeys were under five miles. In urban areas, more than 40% of journeys were under two miles in 2017–2018. For many people, these journeys are perfectly suited to cycling and walking. See National Travel Survey
  • Tips from the Netherlands
  • What’s been done in a British borough. A video about Waltham Forest in London.

Coventry’s cycling history

The video’s author, Adam Tranter​ co-hosts a monthly podcast about active travel, Streets Ahead. You can also follow him on Twitter