Setting Up and Maintaining your Bike

This is a collection of information related to setting up your Bike to ride, maintaining it, and coping with issues ‘on the road’

Maintenance Sessions

This is the information used at the first Maintenance session on 16th November 2021

Tyres & Punctures with Alan Jelley – Tyres and Gears

Gears and Chains with Bob Tinley – Chains and Gears

Possible topics for another session

            • Setting up Brake Blocks
            • Brke Adjustment
            • Bleeding Hydraulic Brakes
            • Disc Brake Pad Replacement
            • Lubrication – where, how and when ?
            • Cleaning a bike and where to spray
            • Adjusting Cleats



Tyre remove and replace tools

This one seemed to work well for smaller width road tyres  – one seemed to work well for all sized tyres


Some advice from Trek Bikes     How to get your bike ready to ride