Womens Group

In 2020 cycling UK promoted a Women’s Festival of Cycling.

In response Vicky Palethorpe organised a series of activities for the Women Members of CTC Coventry to participate in over the course of July and August. This proved such a success that it led to the formation of a Women’s Group as a sub-section, and the appointment of the Women’s Group Co-ordinator as a formal Club role in the 2020 AGM. The group has proved to be vibrant and successful – both in terms of providing support for existing riders and encouraging new and improving cyclists.

This outlines our regular rides and how you can get into riding with us This shows the current schedule of Women’s Group Rides In 2021 the Womens Group will be organising a  2021 Women’s Festival  to build upon the successes of the previous years events. This shows the current programme of Tours This shows some of the people in our group This gives information on how the Womens Group organise and manage ourselves.