Womens Group

Women are hugely underrepresented in cycling. Only 20% of Cycling UK members are female, and women make up about a quarter of cyclists as a whole.
HOWEVER they are also the group that have the most to gain from taking part in a fun, healthy and sociable activity.
In Coventry CTC we are proud to say that we have grown the number of Women riders taking part in our Rides Programme by 63% over the last year, and now, over the first quarter of 2022, the percentage of female rider joining in with our Rides stands at 44% !
Our women attend all kinds of rides: long, short, stamina building and especially our Introductory rides.
In Coventry CTC we know what women enjoy the most during a ride:  camaraderie, the lack of pressure, and the chance to discuss topics such as saddle sores, families and friendships, as much as the technical or physical challenges.
This is why most of our rides are Women-Friendly rides:
      • Many rides are lead by a female Ride Leader;
      • Currently we offer Women Only mid-week rides, advertised through our Women’s What’sApp group. To join this write to women@coventryctc.org.uk
      • Before any ride we provide full information about the route, stops etc, and happy to give advice about clothing and what to bring. Cycling UK’s policy is to promote freedom of choice when it comes to cycle clothing. We understand that Lycra and hi-viz are often seen as barriers by many women. It is your choise what to weare for a ride as long as it is safe and comfortable;
      • We always stop half-way for a tea/coffee ☕/cake 🎂;
      • We can stop on route to take a drink, adjust clothing (take a layer off or add one on), to catch our  breath after a hill, or it could be a “comfort stop” should we need it;
      • Our routes follow mostly the quiet roads, country lanes and cycle paths;
      • We value the opportunity to chat to each other during the ride as well as enjoy the view;
      • All of our riders, both men and women, are very supportive and encouraging; we ride with a speed of the slowest rider (no worries, we all have been in this position 😊) and we NEVER leave anyone behind!

Take a look at the information below, and contact women@coventryctc.org.uk  if you would like to join one of our rides – 

This outlines our regular rides and how you can get into riding with us. It also has the current schedule of Women’s Group Rides
Current Status of the Women’s Group
This coming year the Womens Group will be organising a 2022 Women’s Festival  to build upon the successes of the previous years events.
The Clubs annual celebration of International Womens Day
This shows the current programme of Tours
This shows some of the people in our group
This gives information on how the Womens Group organise and manage ourselves.