Go Offroad

Our ‘style’? … for us the term Offroad riding tends more towards towards the Gravel / Trail riding end of the spectrum rather than the more technical, formal Mountain biking.

Our Planning is based upon –

            1. A bi-weekly scheduled ride
            2. Probably a monthly Pop-up ride
            3. An Autumn Weekend away

Scheduled Rides

Date Route / Location Organiser / Ride Guide* Briefing
28th April Ride to Newbold Comyn Bike Park, Leamington Alan Jelley https://coventryctc.org.uk/offroad-buddies-newbold-comyn-briefing
5th May Ryton Pools to Frankton, Marton, Hunningham Alan Jelley https://cycle.travel/map/journey/326548
2nd June Coventry Canal – Brinklow Marina Friend  
7th July Cannock Chase Scenic Routes with  option to do one of the Red or Blue Trails Alan Jelley & Steve Davoile Long Perimeter Route end up at Birches Valley – https://cycle.travel/map/journey/375562
28th July
West Haddon
Bob Tinley
Bridleways and quiet roads
11th August Cotswolds 25 Steve Davoile  
25th August
Forest of Dean Alan Jelley
FoD Trail Map – https://www.forestryengland.uk/sites/default/files/documents/FOD%20cycling%20trails%20-%20website%20-%20Oct23.pdf

Do the Colliers Trail as a gentle scenic ride then the Blue Rated Verderers Trail

1st September Sutton Park Alan Jelley https://cycle.travel/map/journey/263866
15th September
Napton – Hellidon – Priors Marston


Alan Jelley
5th/ 6th October Offroad Weekend Tour – possibly Peak District or New Forest or Salisbury Plain Alan Jelley
20th October Lower Shuckburgh – Flecknoe – Braunston
Alan Jelley  


Pop-up Ride Options

With scheduling just one ride per month there are options for people to add-in Pop-up rides as they feel suitable. The following are some possibilities for the Ride Leader to schedule as and when they feel that they would like to do the ride

Route / Location Organiser / Route Guide*
Binley – Brinklow Libby Foster
Hicks Lodge Libby Foster
Forest of Dean Mark Norman
Haywood Steve Davoile
Stratford Steve Davoile
Flecknoe – Braunston – Grandborough Alan Jelley
Bike Park Wales Alan Jelley

Touring / Weekend Away Options

The current thinking is to aim for a long weekend back in the New Forest around the 8th September. Alan, Marina and Steve to plan and look at the Accommodation options.


* Note that riding Offroad is far more informal than group riding on the road – you are choosing your own lines, how you respond to hazards and obstacles is very much your choice. The Guide is not a Ride Leader – they are showing you the overall direction of travel – how you get there is up to you. If you don’t feel safe then get off and walk !  These are not formally ‘Led’ rides, these are groups for cycling buddies getting together, but riding as individuals.