Riding with a Group

If you are hearing impaired then we may be able to offer some additional support. We have a number of Hearing Impaired members who might be able to assist you when coming along to meet and ride with us. Please let us know when you contact our New Rider Co-ordinator


Deciding that you want to move on with your cycling and thinking that joining a cycling group could be the right way forward for you can be a big step into the unknown. This video might help you get a feeling of what it might be like starting to to ride with a group.

This page of Riding Guidelines  has some information on how we ride as a group

So you want to join a cycling group … but how do you chose THE RIGHT CLUB?

We realise that there are lots of cycling clubs out there – and each one has got something different to offer you…. and that’s great because no one club can match the needs of all cyclists. 

STAGE 1 – Maybe the first thing you should do is see if we offer the things you want as a new cyclist or as a cyclist looking to join a sociable group- take a look at our Our Club page. In this page we can introduce ourselves and you can judge if our offering matches your needs – both now and as you grow and develop as a rider.

STAGE 2 – If we do seem to offer what you want then take a look at ‘Try Cycling with Us‘ which describes how we can go about getting you into recreational, sociable cycling in a well structured, encouraging and enjoyable way. You can also take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

STAGE 3 – At this point to arrange a ride you can mail our New Rider Co-ordinator