Try Cycling with Us

If you are hearing impaired then we may be able to offer some additional support. We have a number of Hearing Impaired members who might be able to assist you when coming along to meet and ride with us. Please let us know when you contact our New Rider Co-ordinator
What CTC Coventry have to offer you as a cyclist is probably different style of club and cycling to the majority of other cycling groups out there. 
We offer a chance to ride in a supportive, encouraging and sociable group on quiet roads in beautiful countryside over a range of distances and speeds that suit your, and your bikes, capabilities, and that you can feel comfortable with and not intimidated by. At one end of the range we do have cyclists who can keep up a fast pace for a long distance, and on the other hand we also have people who feel more comfortable doing a shorter distance at a slower pace …..  and we cater for this range in a relaxed and informal manner. And by the way we suggest you wear clothing that you can also feel relaxed in …lycra is not compulsory!
The only caveat is that for Insurance reasons we are not able to include any rider under the age of 18 – Sorry about that.


So as a first step on the ladder, and to give you a chance to check us out, talk to us, and see if you like club riding, we do a Monthly Introductory Ride which is done at an  easy pace over 10 to 15 miles using routes that are designed to be relatively relaxed in terms of gradients, and to use cycle paths and quiet roads as much as possible. And of course we will stop somewhere for Coffee & Cake and a good chat !

If you feel you’d like to come along please contact and book a place with our New Rider Co-ordinator


After your Introductory Ride we would love to hear your thoughts – if you enjoyed it please take a look below to see what we can offer you to continue riding with us.

And if you did not enjoy it or don’t want to carry on then we would very much like to understand why and what you think we could do to make it a better experience (and we promised to listen to your comments and not argue the toss … if that’s what you thought then that is fair !!)


Firstly you could try one of our Short Rides on a Sunday. These range from 20 to 30 miles … and probably you want to aim for a ride in the 20 to 25 mile range.

Secondly we also have a schedule of Saturday ‘Stamina Building’ Rides which will not only build up your physical strength but also give you Hints and Tips for improving your riding techniques such as using your gears more effectively, and how to climb hills efficiently.

Our Leaders are all skilled and experienced and will be more than ready to help you with things such as finding a good position on your bike, pacing your ride, feeling more comfortable riding in a larger group,  positioning yourself on the road, signals, and so on.

And once again if you are hearing impaired we do have ride leaders who are very experienced in helping and who have a range of techniques to help you ride safely and enjoyably with us.

To find out what rides we have going on then look at our Rides Schedule and/or subscribe to our Weekly Bulletin … have look at the Sidebar on the right.

If you’d like more information then take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions


There is just one proviso –You are welcome to come along with us as a Guest for up to three rides – after that, for insurance purposes, we do ask that you join Cycling UK our umbrella organisation. See the ‘JOIN CYCLING UK’ section in the right-hand sidebar for more information about becoming a member.