Centenary Celebration Booklet

This booklet marks the Centenary celebrations of the Coventry section of Cycling UK –a charitable membership organisation with more than 68000 members with the objective of supporting cyclists and promoting bicycle use.


The booklet records the progress of the Coventry club since its formation in 1921, with stories and memories from its members but also looks to the future of cycling as we enter a new world which is less dependent on fossil fuels.

Additionally it introduces the Programme of events and activity that the club will be organising for the Centenary year.

 We hope it will inform, entertain and bring you closer to the world of cycling. 

 The booklet is dedicated to all our current and former members, and cyclists everywhere…

It is available from our Shop in digital and. on request, in printed form.

The booklet carries advertisements from various businesses associated with the club – bike shops, cafes and restaurants for example… we hope you will support them


Editor – Paul Morton