Mystery Ride – DESTINATION

The ride’s Destination was Napton with its notable restored Windmill, and it’s interesting cafe in the Village Post Office and Stores.

The image above shows the Windmill from near the Folly Pub on the Oxford Canal which loops around the village

Just out of the village towards Chapel ~Green is the Napton Water Buffalo Farm. The Water Buffalo are a very unusual sight in the UK, however to quote from the Farm’s website

“Wide-eyed curious Buffalo, in for the Winter. ‘Bubalus Bubalis’ are native across most of Asia and there are actually more of them kept worldwide than cows.  However in this country, they are still very much a novelty! “


And Finally …..

To give a wonderful circularity to the ride a couple of items link back to the start at Hill Top Farm at Hunningham……

Firstly the name Napton means “village on the hilltop”, from the Anglo Saxon “CNAEPP” meaning “HILLTOP” and ‘TUN’ meaning settlement.

And secondly the Napton Water Buffalo website shows that one of the key outlets is the Hill Top Farm shop at Hunningham where the ride commenced !

“Hilltop Farm

Located in and around the village of Hunningham, the farm shop and cafe are on Hunningham Hill, just off the Fosseway. Fantastic views all over Warwickshire and the Cotswolds. Hilltop Farm sell Buffalo Ice Cream, Steaks and joints, and also make their own burgers from our own buffalo mince.”