Tour of Sardinia – May 14th – 25th

Leader – Mike Thomas

All the accommodation for the tour has been booked, and I have provisional routes outlined for each day.  Some days have coastal or mountain options, and one an option of coastal path

CYCLEUK COVENTRY TOUR TO SARDINIA MAY 2019                                        4-Dec-2018 edition

I’ve long wanted to go back to Sardinia after cycle touring there in 2005.  We went in May when the weather was near perfect; not too hot to cycle, but the sea was sufficiently warm to enjoy a swim.  The roads were well made and quite.  There were interesting places to visit; the scenery was spectacular although rugged.  However the best reason for going to Sardinia is the superb sea food.  I’ve put together a few notes below on my proposals for the tour.  I intend to update this as I get more into the detailed planning.

·         The plan is to fly from Luton on Tuesday May 14th to Olbia which is in the north east of the island on the coast.  Then return on Saturday May 25th which would give us 10 days cycling. 

·         I’ve booked my flights with EasyJet  EZY2181 and EZY2182 at a cost of £188 including one 15kg hold bag and bike.  Bob Tinley, John Alsop ,Tony Costin,  Jeff and Vicky Palethorpe have also booked these flights.  When booking, make sure to use

·         I’ve yet to go into detailed planning as this will depend on getting accommodation for all the group.  However the intention is to cycle south west from Olbia through the rugged interior of Sardinia to Oristano on the western coast.  From here we will work our way clockwise round the north of the island roughly following the coast back to Olbia.

·         My intention is to have a fairly relaxed tour with a maximum daily distance of 80km and an average about 65km. Where there’s a significant amount of climbing this will be reduced, but again it will depend on accommodation availability.

·         I intend to put a cap of 10 in the group. 

·         What I would like members to do is to book their own flights as soon as they can, and confirm with me by the end of the year.  Capacity for carrying bikes may be a limiting factor which is why I suggest booking asap.

·         I will now start booking accommodation where there is no requirement for a deposit.  But I need to have confirmed bookings flights with bikes BY THE END OF 2018 so I can get on with the serious business of booking hotels or B&B’s.  Where possible these will be 2-3 star hotels and I’ll be after your money soon!

·         I know that some folks find the idea of flying with bikes somewhat daunting!!  Fear not It’s been done loads of times.  From past experience I always box my bike to fly in a used box supplied free from a bike shop.  These offer a good degree of protection for the bike, and are always acceptable to airlines.  If anyone needed help boxing their bike just let me know.  I’ll make sure the boxes can be left at the hotel we use in Olbia.

·         For transport to Luton I’ve had an offer from Tony Costin to take bikes in his trailer and I’m sure I can take 2 or more.  I’ll so-ordinate bike transport to Luton.

·         Budget:  in addition to the cost of flights and transport to Luton, I recon we should budget on about £70 per day for accommodation and food etc.

·         Just give me a call or email if you have any questions.

Regards – Mike