2021/22 Stamina Building Rides

Do you want to build up your stamina for rides and tours in 2022 ?

Hi. My name is Martin Lee and I have been a member of CTC Coventry for two years, but due to Covid have not ridden with the club as much as I would have liked. I have ridden a cycle for most of my life. Back in the 1970’s I started to race cycles in time trials taking part in lots of Road Time Trials and having some success, also taking part in 12 hour races, having a personal best of 249 miles. I know a thing or two about building up your stamina for long rides and tours and how to recover. I know if you are planning a season of rides you need to have a good solid foundation if you want to get up the next days and be able to ride another 40miles or so on a tour, or be able, after a long 60/70 + mile ride to recover quicker and be ready to ride again sooner.

The answer is to build a good foundation through the winter months, riding throughout. It is a good idea to have other activities to compliment your riding like swimming, but you still need to ride and you should push yourself. The more you do in the winter the easier and more you will be able to cope and have enjoyable rides in the summer.

I have found that hilly rides in the winter does just this, with light being limited you can’t ride long rides. Climbing good hills builds strength and stamina but less miles are needed. You need to push yourself but at your pace. Don’t be put off by the size or steepness of the hill or by others overtaking on the hill. This is about you, building your abilities and if you commit on a regular basis through the winter, the hills you dreaded get easier and it doesn’t take so much from you. This shows that your stamina is improving and you will be able to cope with whatever any ride throws at you.

If you are interested or want more details on the hilly rides I’m proposing this winter, please email me