Binley Cycleway Phase 2

Coventry Council is consulting on phase 2 of the cycleway; between Brandon Road and University Hospital.

The consultation closes on Sunday 18 April 2021.

There’s a petition in support. It can be signed by a person of any age who lives, works or studies in Coventry.

The proposals are very good, but a number of small points could be made:

Brinklow Road / Clifford Bridge Road junction.

The three 90 degree turns needed to access the Business Park path via the cycleway are all very tight.  So many cyclists wishing to access the business park from Binley Road will leave the cycleway before the Clifford Bridge Road junction, at the access to St. Bartholomew’s church. Consequently, a dropped kerb on the east side of Brinklow Road at the access to the Business Park would be welcome.

Bridgeacre Gardens (south)

The cycleway will be on the west side of Clifford Bridge Road, with priority over Mill Lane and Bridgeacre Gardens.  The pedestrian/cyclist crossing will be at pavement height.

Clifford Bridge Road lay-bys.

Along this part of Clifford Bridge Road, the proposal is to narrow both the traffic lanes and the lay-bys (on both sides of the road) to make space for the cycleway.

Bridgeacre Gardens (north)

Cyclists sharing space with pedestrians only works when the people are not allowed to drive!

Further north
  • The existing, 170cm wide, pedestrian bridge over the Sowe is to be used for both walkers and cyclists.
  • The cycleway crosses to the west side of Clifford Bridge Road at a point between the entrance to Tesco and Dorchester Way.  Will the signals detect cyclists, so that they don’t always have to wait to cross?
  • At both ends of Dorchester Way, there will be a “Zebra” type crossing, designed for parallel use by pedestrians and cyclists.   Will visibility be good enough for motorists to stop?
  • The cycleway will end at the entrance to the hospital grounds, although changes will be made to make it easier for cyclists to cycle between Farren Road and the hospital.


2 thoughts on “Binley Cycleway Phase 2”

    1. Lots of people won’t cycle unless it’s on a path that is not shared with heavy or fast motor traffic.
      Segregated routes are needed to entice people away from using cars for every journey. Also to allow people who aren’t rich enough to own a car, more opportunities to travel – e.g. to get to/from work when buses are not running. Then there’s children going to/from school or visiting friends.

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