Coventry’s Transport Strategy

Coventry Council recently consulted on its Transport Strategy.

The “aspiration to create a city where it is easy, convenient and safe to walk, cycle and travel on public transport, and where most people do not need to use a car to access the services that they need for day-to-day life” is welcome.

Better cycle access to Coventry Railway Station is needed. All of Coventry is within a reasonable cycling distance.

Area within the ring road

The “shared space” junctions on the “inner circulatory route” are currently perceived as high risk by many would-be cyclists. Those and the one-way sections on the route lead to footway cycling.

Inner Circulatory Route – shown by a blue line

Coventry council needs to commit to making the “inner circulatory route” a high quality through route for cycling. Shared cyclist/pedestrian use on both the route itself and access to it over/under the ring road is bad for both user groups. Where the level of motor traffic cannot be reduced enough to provide adequate perceived cycling safety, segregation from motor traffic is needed.

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